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shandong jinfu cereals&oils foods co.,ltd

shandong jinfu cereals&oils foods co.,ltd belongs to jinsheng group,was set up in 2020 and is a set of oil processing, feed raw materials production, grain and oil trade and other business as one of the grain and oil processing enterprises. relying on the group's industrialization advantages, high quality and stable supply of raw materials, advanced production technology, strict and sound quality control, the company has built a whole process of safe, healthy and traceable production chain, and created excellent product quality.the company's main products: peanut oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, linolenic acid oil and other vegetable oil;second, feed peanut cake, peanut meal, cotton meal, vegetable meal and other protein raw materials;three is a variety of specifications of peanut and its products.the annual output is 200,000 tons, and the storage capacity is 200,000 tons.

our company adhering to the "making product first need to have good personality, producing good quality oil will have a good future" business philosophy, adhere to the "innovation work every day, doing everything is pursuing of excellence" spirit of enterprise, on the basis of specialization in fine grain and oil processing, continuously forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, independent research and development acquire the national patent certification of qixing primary pressing technology. through the magnetic separation color selecting, ozone sterilization, intelligent baking, suitable temperature crushing, quick-frozen setting, low temperature filtration, nitrogen filled anti-staling seven procedures to produce good color, smell and taste oil.equipped with international advanced inspection and testing equipment, the introduction of professional technical personnel, strict control of product quality.the product traceability system has been established, which can trace the whole process from raw materials acquisition, production and storage to sales.all ex-factory products are implemented with the internationally advanced one-item-one-code tracing system, which can trace the real-time, accurate and integrated information of products, so as to meet the traceability requirements of "source traceable, flow traceable, risk prevention and control, responsibility traceable" of products and ensure the quality and safety of products.

the company always adhering to the "to be an honest man, to do a good faith" the core values, adhere to the "strives for the survival by the quality, beg the development by the science and technology” policy, creates in one hundred, the grand vision of the enterprise, take concrete actions to practice "industry for the people, return society" of the enterprise mission, take advantage of capital, technology, market advantages, brand advantages, actively expand business development, provide more valuable services for customers, make contributions to expand and strengthen the group’s grain and oil industry!


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