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corporate culture

1. core culturep: integrity, charity, quality, innovation, autonomy, civilization, responsibility, mission.

2. enterprise mission: industry for the people, return to society.

3. strategic objective: build jinsheng brand and a century old enterprise.

4. enterprise vision: become diversified large group enterprises of the most influential brand in china's cereals and oils industry.

5. enterprise policy: survive by quality and develop by science and technology

6. business philosophy: do the character first, then the product; only through good products can have us good returns.

7. quality standard: high quality products ensure 100% concentration, 100% safety, 100% health.

8. core values: be a honest man, do the rightful thing.

9. enterprise spirit: innovate work every day, pursue excellence in everything.

10. factory training: diligence to create brilliance, development beyond the dream.

11. work style: vigorous, fast and efficient.

12. personnel concept: make full use of talents and appoint people on their merits.

13. jinsheng oath: be loyal to jinsheng and perform duties;be a honest man, do the rightful thing; pursuit of excellence; work creatively and pursue excellence.

14. the way of jinsheng difference development:

characteristic culture leading ,

integrity builds morality and cultivate people;

system and mechanism are advanced,

responsibility, rights and obligations are combinated;

peanut chain is deep and wide,

primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry are integrated developing;

to be professional, excellent and strong,

create high-end brand.

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