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jinsheng peanut demonstration park

jinsheng peanut demonstration park is a demonstration base for peanut geographical indication protection project in china. the existing core area is 1000 mu, and the radiation drives the surrounding industrial integration project base 10000 mu. it is a new type of agricultural ecological park which integrates scientific experiment, popular science education, technology popularization, sightseeing experience, labor education for young people, and farmers' training.

the standardized management mode of "six unification" and "four good" is implemented in the demonstration garden, using the cultivation technique of high yield and high efficiency of single grain fine sowing, using three-dimensional green control technology, such as intelligent radar, biological control, plant joint defense and so on, introduction of chinese peanut chief scientist zhang xinyou academician team of yuhua 37, yuhua 9326 series varieties, hua yu 963,968,661, mountain flower 9, mountain flower 11, hebei academy of agricultural sciences, yunnan academy of agricultural sciences colorful peanuts and other high-oil acid, high-oil, high-protein, high-yield peanut varieties more than 40. according to the standardized management mode, the national peanut seed cultivation base, the green prevention and control base and the china good grain and oil demonstration base are built.

in the jinsheng demonstration park, the aim of ecological agriculture jinsheng is carried out everywhere, the advantages of "company base cooperative farmers" are brought into full play, the one-stop production and management mode of "production, study and research" is carried out, the organic combination of scientific experiment, demonstration and scientific research and development is promoted, the group mission of "industry for the people society" is realized, and the high quality and high quality development of peanut industry is promoted by radiation.


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