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jinsheng food marketing co.,ltd

jinsheng food marketing co., ltd. belongs to jinsheng group. founded in early 2010, it is an important link in the whole industrial chain system of the group peanuts. it has undertaken the marketing and operation responsibilities of jinsheng brand construction, sales system construction and management, and is the bridge and link between jinsheng group and customers.

jinsheng pioneered the national patent seven-star virgining process method, selecting high-quality peanuts, removing mold particles from color, physically removing aflatoxine, not breaking peanuts, taking the whole grains warm and baking, only extract, freezing and condensing incense, constant temperature preservation and storage. it also originally had original color aromas and true nutrition, which was better than different, better than the national standard, and achieved primary virgin peanut oil, which is stronger and safer than traditional peanut oil aromas.

advocate "specialized oil", leading the launch of primary virgin high-oleic acid peanut oil, with a oleic acid content of more than 75%, with the characteristics of high smoke point, antioxidant, long shelf life, etc. it is ahead of the listed special frying, which is rich in gluten vitamins and vitamins, and fried foods are low in oily and consumes, filling the domestic gap. at the same time, there are a series of edible oils such as crushed first-class peanut oil, non-gmo soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil and so on.

jinsheng peanut oil has won the honorary titles of "the first national safe oil", "national pollution-free agricultural products", "national green food", "national organic food", "shandong time honored brand". high oleic peanut oil and primary virgin peanut oil were awarded "product gold award" and "product innovation award" by the chinese cereals and oils association . jinsheng trademark has been rated as "china well-known trade mark", "madrid international trademark" and "shandong time honored brand".

jinsheng food marketing co., ltd. has formed a product structure and sales system with peanut oil as the main stem, various edible oils, peanut leisure food and health food as the branch. adhering to the business philosophy of "doing products first and doing oil well before you can you repay well", it has created safety, health and greenness for consumers from base to table. high-quality products.  

jinsheng has laid out all-round operation and promotion channels. operate online and offline collaboratively, set up offices, distribution points and flagship stores throughout the country to provide partners with full-process service solutions such as all-media advertising support, activity promotion, accurate training, etc. it also supports a thousand mu flower production park with an annual production and processing capacity of 1 million tons, the first peanut museum, and a transparent chemical plant. visit and promotion have laid a deep foundation for brand development.

good quality makes safe food. cooperating can make each other win-win with jingsheng. jingsheng peanut oil is good for health and customized for chinese.


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