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jinsheng group's 2019 spring games ended successfully
2019-5-4 18:57:26 1

in order to welcome and celebrate the "may 1st" international labor day, to further improve the physical fitness of employees and the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, and to sing the main theme of glorious labor, the jinsheng group trade union organized the jinsheng group spring games from may 1st to 2nd. . group leadership, department managers and employee representatives of each company participated in this spring sports event.

at the opening ceremony of the games, song lili, executive general manager of the group and general manager of jinsheng grain and oil co., ltd., wu yubo, deputy general manager of the group and general manager of jinsheng biological company, and chen ning, chairman of the group labor union and assistant general manager, delivered speeches respectively.

the games mainly consist of basketball games and tug-of-war competitions. the four teams participating in the basketball game are jinsheng grain and oil team, jinsheng food team, jinsheng biological team, and marketing logistics team; the eight representative teams participating in the tug-of-war competition are jinsheng grain and oil team, biological marketing team, and jinsheng the men's and women's teams of the catering team and the jinsheng elite team. in the intense competition, the players united and cooperated, worked hard, enjoyed the fun of the game, felt the charm of the sport, cheering and applause on the field one after another, no matter whether they achieved good results or not, everyone's faces were full laughed.

on the evening of may 2nd, the jinsheng group spring games celebration banquet was held at the jinsheng hotel. the group leadership and department managers of each company, along with all athletes and conference preparation personnel, cordially toasted and celebrated. employees of various company departments rushed to give speeches. sing, enjoy the delicious food, relax the mood, and finally the whole event came to an end in joy and harmony.

the successful holding of this sports meeting not only allowed the employees to exercise, release their vitality, entertain the body and mind, but also fully demonstrated the vigorous, hard-working and enterprising spirit of our jinsheng people, and enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the company. "be down-to-earth and make way for the mountains, and persevere in the sea to move." the spirited and high-spirited jinsheng people will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of jinsheng's hard work, innovation and hard work, unite and build the jinsheng dream of "building the jinsheng brand and creating a century-old enterprise" and compose the jinsheng group a brand new chapter.

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