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warmly congratulate jinsheng group for winning multiple awards at the city talent and technology awards conference
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on the morning of april 24, 2018, the city’s talent and technology awards conference was held to reward outstanding talents and scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions to the city’s economic and social development, mobilize the city to implement the strategy of strengthening the city with talents and innovation-driven, and strive to create respect for talents , a strong atmosphere of serving talents, encouraging innovation, and stimulating innovation, provides talent guarantee and technological support for the city to accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and promote high-quality development. jinsheng group special expert wang qiang, jinsheng group chairman and general manager gao guanyong, and r&d center director chen ning attended the award meeting.

in this awards conference, jinsheng group's special expert wang qiang won the provincial "taishan industry leading talent" award, jinsheng group won the first prize of the 2017 linyi science and technology award, and the 2017 city science and technology innovation leading enterprise award.

researcher wang qiang, a special expert of shandong jinsheng cereals and oils group, made a speech as the representative of the 2017 provincial “leading talents in taishan industry”. in 2015, jinsheng group established a national post-doctoral scientific research station and established a long-term cooperative relationship with the chinese academy of agricultural sciences. wang qiang’s team visited jinsheng group for many times and had all-round contacts, and deeply felt the linyi municipal party committee and municipal government and jinsheng the grain and oil group has a strong concept of talents and scientific and technological innovation, and sincerely hopes that it can contribute its own strength to the development of linyi's science and technology.

at the meeting, wang qiang proposed that in the next step, he would continue to exert his professional advantages and actively promote the innovation and development of jinsheng: first, serve the development of the enterprise. continue to make breakthroughs to improve the key technology of high oleic peanut oil production and the key points of safe production technology, so that the quality of three high-end oil brands including high oleic peanut oil, original virgin peanut oil, and special blended oil for frying has been improved. the second is the development of service talents. while cooperating with jinsheng group to solve peanut deep processing problems and develop new products, it also helps the company cultivate 50 innovative technical talents for peanut processing, form a "talent team that cannot be taken away", enhance the company's independent research and development capabilities, and promote high industry quality sustainable development. the third is to serve rural revitalization. closely focus on serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and promote the target positioning of the rural revitalization strategy, continue to improve the level of technological innovation and industrialization of peanut deep processing, extend the peanut processing industry chain, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, serve the junan peanut industry, and benefit the people of yimeng for the country make due contributions to the development of peanut processing technology.

over the years, jinsheng group has always attached great importance to scientific and technological research and development, has established extensive industry-university-research cooperation with many domestic and foreign scientific research institutes and industry associations, and has continuously promoted the continuous rapid development of the enterprise through scientific and technological innovation. jinsheng group will take this commendation conference as an opportunity to continue to strengthen cooperation, learning and exchanges with scientific research institutes and associations, continue to improve r&d and innovation capabilities, continue to increase visibility and reputation in the industry, and provide consumers with more green , nutritious and healthy products.

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