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jinsheng grain and oil company won the title of "2020 grain and oil products enterprise standard leader"
2020-11-17 13:37:15 1

recently, the list of "2020 grain and oil products enterprise standard leaders" selected by the standard quality center of the state bureau of grain and material reserves was announced. jinsheng grain and oil co., ltd. won the honorary title with its high-end product "jinsheng high oleic peanut oil".

the enterprise standard "leader" is a system initiated and implemented by eight departments including the state administration of market supervision and the national development and reform commission in order to implement the decisions and deployments of the central committee of the communist party of china and the state council on carrying out quality improvement actions.

"leader" means that the key core indicators in the corporate standards are higher than the national standards or industry indicators, and are in a leading position among the industry peers.

the "leader" activity of grain and oil product enterprise standards was organized and implemented by the standard quality center of the national grain and material reserve bureau as the coordinating agency. 13 evaluation agencies selected 48 of 30 enterprises in the four fields of wheat flour, rice, edible vegetable oil and miscellaneous grains. the product standard is "leader". the main purpose of the event is to raise the high quality line, set industry benchmarks, create a market atmosphere of "leading in production and leading in consumption selection", stimulate market vitality in the grain industry, and help the structural adjustment and high-quality development of the grain industry.

as a pioneer of domestic high-oleic peanut oil products and a participant in the formulation of industry standards, jinsheng grain and oil company, one of the main high-end oil products, high-oleic peanut oil, is produced by virtue of high-standard oleic acid content indicators and national invention patent seven-star virgin production the excellent quality of craftsmanship and nutrition, health and deliciousness has won the recognition and love of the industry and the majority of consumers.



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