about us jinsheng group, founded in 1947, located in junan county, the land of peanuts in china, is a multi-operating integrated group enterprise, including oil peanut, biotechnology, foreign trade import and export, catering tourism, e-commerce logistics, ecological agriculture. the group consists of 12 holding companies and institutions, and has won the titles of "the first grain and oil demonstration processing enterprise in china" , "the leading enterprise of grain and oil industrialization supported by the state" , "the national high-tech enterprise"... more

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subsidiary company
jinsheng cereals&oils shandong jinsheng cereals&oils foods co., ltd, belongs to jinsheng group,was set up in 1974. it’s a comprehensive enterprise integrating oil and peanut, grain and oil trade, agricultural and sideline products, e-commerce logistics, import and export,etc. more
jinsheng food marketing jinsheng food marketing co., ltd. belongs to jinsheng group. founded in early 2010, it is an important link in the whole industrial chain system of the group peanuts. it has undertaken the marketing and operation responsibilities of jinsheng brand construction... more
jinsheng biotechnology shandong jinsheng biotechnology co., ltd, affiliated to jinsheng group, was established in september 2015. it is a high-tech enterprise integrating the extraction of natural products and the r & d... more
jinsheng import and export junan jinsheng import and export co., ltd is subordinate to jinsheng group, established in may 2013, the precursor is the international department setted by junan jinsheng cereals&oils industrial company... more
jinsheng catering service shandong jinsheng catering service co., ltd. (jinsheng hotel), subordinate to jinsheng group, was established in 1989 and covers an area of 20000 square meters... more
jinfeng logistics shandong jinfeng logistics co., ltd., subordinate to jinsheng group, was established in september 2011, covering an area of 20000 square meters, with storage capacity of 100000 tons in warehouse and 100000 tons in oil tank... more
jinsheng cultural tourism shandong jinsheng cultural tourism development co., ltd., affiliated to jinsheng group, was established in october 2019. it is an important extension of jinsheng group to realize the conversion of new and old kinetic energy... more
huasheng inspection shandong huasheng inspection and testing technology co., ltd. was established in september 2019.it covers an area of 3000 m2 and has a total number of 29 employees,including 11 professional technicians... more
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